Pr3+ doped CoFe2O4: A highly efficient, magnetically recoverable and reusable catalyst for one-pot four-component synthesis of multisubstituted pyrroles

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1 Dr. Rafiq Zakaria Campus, Y.B. Chavan College of Pharmacy, Aurangabad 431001, (M.S.), India.

2 Department of Chemistry, Jawahar Art Science and Commerce College, Andur, Osmanabad 413603, (M. S.), India.

3 Materials Research Laboratory, Srikrishna Mahavidyalaya Gunjoti, Omerga, Osmanabad 413 613, (M. S.), India.

4 Department of Quality Assurance, Channabasweshwar Pharmacy College, Latur 413512, (M. S.), India.


A facile and highly efficient one-pot synthesis of multisubstituted pyrrole derivatives is reported via a four-component reaction of amines, aldehydes, acetylacetone and nitromethane using Pr3+ doped CoFe2O4 as a catalyst in solvent free conditions at 90°C. The catalyst is easily recoverable using magnet and could be reused without a significant loss of catalytic activity. Even after five runs for the reaction, the catalytic activity of Pr3+ doped CoFe2O4 was almost the same as that of the freshly used catalyst. The proposed method is advantageous due to its little catalyst loading, short reaction time, catalyst reusability, and excellent yields.


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