Volume & Issue: Volume 2, Issue 3, September 2012, Pages 95-145 
Triethylamine-bonded sulfonic acid {[Et3N-SO3H]Cl} as an efficient and homogeneous catalyst for the synthesis of 12-aryl-8,9,10,12-tetrahydrobenzo[a]xanthen-11-ones

Pages 107-114

Abdolkarim Zare; Roghayyeh Khanivar; Maria Merajoddin; Masoud Kazem-Rostami; Mohammad Mahdi Ahmad-Zadeh; Ahmad Reza Moosavi-Zare; Alireza Hasaninejad

Introduction of two efficient catalysts for the synthesis of 1,8-dioxo-octahydroxanthene derivatives in the absence of solvent

Pages 115-119

Farhad Shirini; Gholam Hossein Imanzadeh; Masoumeh Abedini; Maryam Akberi Dokhte-Ghaziani; Mohaddeshes Safarpoor Langroodi; Parisa Ghods Ghasemabadi

Bi(NO3)3.5H2O: An efficient acidic reagent for synthesis of azo dyes at room temperature

Pages 129-133

Bi Bi Fatemeh Mirjalili; Abdolhamid Bamoniri; Naimeh Salehi