Volume & Issue: Volume 8, Issue 1, March 2018, Pages 1-72 


Snail shell as a natural and highly efficient catalyst for the synthesis of imidazole derivatives

Pages 1-7

Zakaria Benzekribe; Houda Serrar; Abdelkebir Zarguil; Said Boukhris; Abdelaziz Souizi

Synthesis of bis-thiazolidinones catalyzed by nano-NiZr4(PO4)6 under microwave irradiation

Pages 9-16

Javad Safaei-Ghomi; Hossein Shahbazi-Alavi; Seyed Hadi Nazemzadeh

Synthesis of the biologically active henna based benzochromene derivatives using ionic liquid functionalized SBA-15 as a nanoreactor

Pages 59-67

Ghodsi Mohammadi Ziarani; Hoda Mollabagher; Parisa Gholamzadeh; Alireza Badiei; Fatemeh Yazdian